Do pool chemicals affect glass mosaic tiles?

Do chemical cleaning materials used in swimming pools affect mosaics? We sometimes, although rarely get this question. The answer is very clear and simple: No, they do not.
One of the areas where glass mosaics are used most commonly, swimming pools are cleaned using chemicals and mosaic surfaces must have high strength against chemicals. You can understand the quality of Betsan Mosaix products by observing them during the general maintenance of your swimming pool; they will not react to chemicals.

Betsan products do not react to any chemical.

We have been awarded TS EN ISO 10545-13 certification and Chemical Resistance Determination certification as a result of the examination conducted in the laboratories of the Ceramics Research Center.
Thus, we can say that glass mosaics have been scientifically proven to be resistance to chemicals by keeping them in solutions prepared in low and high concentrations of household chemicals (ammonium chloride), swimming pool salts (sodium hypochlorite), acid, and alkali.
The surfaces of Betsan glass mosaics were determined as Class A, which is the highest result achievable in this chemical test.