Uninterrupted Turns

Uninterrupted turns in pool glass mosaics: Trim

You can achieve a uniform look in your spaces thanks to smooth turns made possible by the complementary corner pieces of Betsan Mosaic. By using these parts, which are complementary to all your designs as well as your swimming pools, you can create healthy living spaces and increase their safety.
Thanks to the high quality offered by Betsan Mosaic, you can make differences in your projects.
Trim parts fit in Modena 50x50mm mosaics and Quattro 25x25mm mosaics.

You can complete your projects by using trim parts that match with matte and glossy surface options of Betsan Mosaix products that you can choose from a wide selection.

Trim Outer Corner Part

Installation of outer corner joints can be challenging. These joints are both challenging and require a lot of labor. The craftsmanship has to be impeccable. Otherwise, joints on the steps may lead to foot cuts.
The Trim Outer Corner Part eliminates possible problems that might occur thanks to its curved form.
Betsan Mosaix creates a healthy and safe environment, while achieving a perfectly beautiful surface at the same time.

Trim Cove Part

The transition between the swimming pool floor and the wall
The Trim Inner Corner Parts that provide uninterrupted turns from wide to narrow spaces will ensure that the surface you use has a consistent and complementary structure without interruption. 

Special Trim Parts for swimming pools

In addition to the Betsan Mosaix Trim Corner and Cove Parts, we recommend exploring complementary parts offered in 5 different forms.
In this way, you can create unique designs with perfect combinations.