Have you discovered our state-of-the-art digital mosaics?

Inkjet printing was the only solution to achieve a realistic printing result on a glass mosaic, and it was a technology that the market had long been waiting for. As Betsan, we have created an unprecedented revolutionary production line that has not been possible to achieve with the existing glass mosaic production systems until today. Thus, we have become the strongest Turkish glass mosaic manufacturer in the market with a production line providing a complete digital industrial production process for the first time.
Our digital glass mosaics have taken their place in the world mosaic market as a result of years of intensive research conducted in collaboration with world-renowned external partners who have been selected to develop the right special materials and new designs in our laboratories.


You should review the Betsan Mosaix Decozone and Aqua collections.

With Decozone and Aqua collections, we invite you to explore our collection with the latest-trend marble, with the most-preferred wood and concrete models for indoors, with bright and matte surface finishes specially designed for and registered by Betsan, which give the closest texture and appearance to real fabric.