Advantages of the SilyCord System

SilyCord® is a system developed by Betsan Mosaic for fast and excellent mosaic applications using advanced technology.
As Betsan, we renew our production line and produce mosaics with the SilyCord System, which completely eliminates the problems experienced in mosaics with paper, mesh, and dot carrier.

Produced with cooperation between 100% Turkish R&D efforts and Italian technology, SilyCord® ensures 95% adhesion and eliminates the risk of mosaic spills. It has 100% joint area.

The Polyurethane System's non-breaking, flexible, and durable structure allows the mosaics to bond more strongly to the surfaces to which they are applied.
SilyCord® ensures that mosaics can be stored for a long time in every season and as fresh as ever thanks to its heat and moisture resistant polyurethane structure.
The SilyCord® polyurethane system eliminates all the problems you may experience in during application. Thanks to the plate size, it allows for 40% faster application.

We offer Betsan products only with the SilyCord system.