Can I Encounter Problems After Installing My Mosaics?

Your glass mosaics, which are under the warranty of Betsan Mosaix, have passed all the necessary tests. Their reliability has also been documented based on test results

1.Water Absorption

Water absorption is one of the most important factors that affect the long-life of products. Completely dry glass mosiacs are put in boiling water, left boiling for two hours, and then cooled for four hours. The water absorption rate is determined based on the difference between the dry weight and the post-test weight. The water absorption test result of 10 samples randomly selected from Betsan’s glass mosaic collection is 0%.

2.Surface Wear

Wear of glass mosaic surfaces over time can cause loss of color and brightness. Abrasive steel balls applied from zero to increasing RPMs and various oxidants create friction and wear on the glass mosaic surfaces. The strength class of the product is determined based on the RPM value at which change is observed.
No changes have been observed on the surfaces of Betsan glass mosaics up to 750-1500 RPM.

3.Freezing Resistance

Freezing of glass mosaics in extreme cold leads to cracking and breaking. The most decisive feature in freezing is the water absorption resistance. Glass mosaics are frozen and thawed 50-100 times. They are then kept at a temperature of -5 °C for 15 minutes and transferred to a temperature of +5 °C.
None of the 10 samples selected from the Betsan glass mosaic collection have shown any change in terms of damage and water absorption rate as a result of the freezing testing.

4.Chemical Resistance

One of the areas where glass mosaics are used most commonly, swimming pools are cleaned using chemicals and mosaic surfaces must have high strength against chemicals. Glass mosaics are kept in solutions prepared in low and high concentrations of ammonium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, acid, and alkali.
The surfaces of Betsan glass mosaics were determined as Class A, which is the highest result achievable in this chemical test.

5.Resistance to Staining

The resistance of glass mosaics to stains is important for long service life and to achieve the same performance as the first day. Glass mosaics are kept in thin oil with staining agent, 13g/l iodine solution, olive oil, and hot water above 55 °C.
The surfaces of Betsan glass mosaics were determined as Class 5, which is the highest result achievable in this staining test.