Betsan’s new mosaic mounting method; SilyCord system

Betsan Mosaix, experiencing the pride of 25th year in the sector, takes precedence over Europe in mosaics production and starts its revolutionary SilyCordPolyurethane System thanks to its experience of a quarter century.
As a result of the R&D we carried out for 3 years, which we started after seeing the problems encountered by our sector due to the productions realized as cost-focused in the market;
We renewed our production line and started mosaic production with Sily Cord System, which completely eliminates the problems experienced in the paper, net and dot carrier mosaics.
SilyCord System is a system which you can use with respect to application, post-application and stocking as problem-free in all your projects, thanks to its cost, time-saving, easy workmanship and long life advantages
You can contact our company in order to demand more detailed information, documents and samples about SilyCord Polyurethane System, which is produced with the cooperation of 100% Turkish R&D works and Italian technology